Manchester attacks: MI5 probes 3 ‘missed warnings’ regarding suspect

Manchester attacks: MI5 probes 3 ‘missed warnings’ regarding suspect

Manchester attacks

MI5 is to hold an inquiry against the allegation that it dealt at least three warnings from the public that the Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, was a potential threat.

British officials said that the domestic intelligence agency MI5 will analyse the pre investigations of the 22 years suspect of Manchester attack, to reveal that how the suicide bombing attack threat by this guy was ignored by security forces.

These further investigations will take place after the unveil of the fact that before this fatal attack MI5 was informed at least for three times regarding the potential threat of terrorist act by the suspect of Manchester attack, Salman Abidi.

As the bomber Salman Abidi last Monday did a suicide attack after the Musical concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester, by which 22 people died including seven children and more than 50 people got serious injuries in this terror attack.

After the 2005 underground train attacks in London, this was the second most massive terror attack in Britain, during investigations on Monday morning soon after this terrible attack police arrested a 23 years old boy from West Sussex, and on Sunday a 19 and a 25 years old guys from Manchester.

Police investigate total 16 people regarding this terror attack, out of which 14 are still under custody, officials said that investigation of Manchester attack is much near to complete, and said that hundreds of police officials are ready to protect the Greater Manchester.

Yesterday police also released the images of manchester attack suspect Salman Abidi taken from the CCTV footages. Police said that recognition of the suspect Salman Abidi was done after just two hours of this attack , but it was not clear that whether these pictures were from Monday night footage or taken from somewhere else.

Greater Manchester police also appealed public to inform any known activity of the suspect Salman Abidi after 18 May, as police claimed that the suspect was believed to return to Britain on the day of this attack.

British prime Minister Theresa May said that UK threat level has been reduced from critical to severe which means that the possibility of terror attack in Britain has declined, and she said that the high number of soldiers deployed in manchester will be withdrawn till Monday night.

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