Major Twitter accounts targeted by apparent cyber-attack

Major Twitter accounts targeted by apparent cyber-attack


An apparent cyber-attack is targeting major Twitter accounts and dozens have been hacked on Wednesday.

A lot of the hacked posts featured a swastika symbol and hashtags like #Nazihollanda and #Nazialmanya, although the posts were in Turkish language it is still not clear who is exactly behind these cyber-attacks.

Twitter accounts of boxer Floyd Mayweather, BBC North America and UNICEF USA were also among the hacked accounts. BBC North America posted a tweet that said: “Hi everyone – we temporarily lost control of this account, but normal service has resumed. Thanks.”

The timing of these hacks is extremely critical as Turkey is having a diplomatic spat with Netherlands and Germany. The conflict started when both these countries barred Turkish ministers from campaigning for the coming referendum in Turkey.

In response to these actions Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said “Nazism is alive in the West.”

President Erdogan wants to campaign to Turkish expatriates before the referendum in April which will decide if his powers will be increased or not. After Netherlands barred one of Turkish ministers from Rotterdam, Turkey has in return barred the Dutch ambassador from the country on Monday. Turkey has also disallowed its airspace for diplomatic flights from Netherlands.

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