Machine That Converts Humid Air Into Water

Machine That Converts Humid Air Into Water


Tel Aviv: A company in Israel had built a machine that cools down air and then converts it into clean drinking water.


The company named “Water Gene” has said that the machine works on a basic scientific reality called condensation. This effect is taught at school level that when water is heated it converts into gas and vapors, when these vapors are cooled they turn into water again.


Water drops are formed on the surface of glass, these drops are the liquid form of humid air, this machine works on the same principle.


The system installed in this machine sucks air inside, cools it down to an extent that the water vapors turn into liquid water, than this clear water is saved inside the machine so that it could be used when needed.


The machine can also run on solar power in remote areas.


This machine is ideal for areas which are dry but have high levels of humidity throughout the year, these areas include Latin America, North and South Asia and some countries of Africa.


Currently widescale testing is being done in Mumbai, Shanghai and Mexico City.


This machine is available in different sizes and different capacities, if the humidity level in the air is 80% and the temperature is 27 degree centigrade than the largest model of this machine will produce 825 gallons (3,122 litres) of water.


In the same conditions the average sized machine will produce 118 gallons (446 litres) of water daily while the smallest model of this machine will produce 4 gallons (15 litres) of water in one day.


In context of the current international price of electricity, the Water Gene machine will produce a gallon of water for just 10 cents.

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