Ten Longest Rivers in The World

Ten Longest Rivers in The World

History tells us that how important these rivers are as you can see that most of the civilizations developed along these rivers as water is the most basic component of life specially in past, water was not as feasible as now a days.


River is a massive source of thousand metric tons of water rushing from the source towards its fall in ocean, rivers are considered by the length, drainage area, and the spam of water they are carrying to ocean at its end. River size also changes according to the current weather of these rivers, width of the river also changes along its path.
The following list contains the world’s top ten largest rivers according to the above parameters.

1. Nile

Nile is the world’s longest river by its length of 4132 miles. It has the drainage area of 3,254,555 km, which includes Ethiopia, Etirea, Sudan, Uganda, Egypt, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda. Two different rivers join to make Nile so huge, white Nile from Rwanda and blue Nile from Ethiopia, both meet at Sudan and passing through Egypt, most of the civilizations flourished along this river like Egypt, Cairo etc.this world’s largest river ends at Mediterranean sea with an average discharge of 2800 cubic meter of water per second.

 River Nile Sattelite Photo

Nile River

2. Amazon

Amazon is the world’s second longest river on Earth,It starts from South America, it is having a length of 3976 miles, even it is second in length but it is having the drainage area of 7,050,000 even more than double of Nile and a huge difference of in the discharge amount of water per second which is 209,000 cubic meter of water per second. Except the length it is the world’s biggest river, it is having the jungle along it and carrying the biggest water flow even it can make its own rain, River drains Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia,Venezuela, Guyana. This mighty river ends in Atlantic Ocean with the World’s heaviest flow.

Amazon River

3. Yangtze River.

This is the world’s third longest and Asia’s longest river by the approximate length of 3988 miles. One third of the china’s population live on the basin of the river. It starts from Tibet plateau and ends in east China sea with an average discharge of 31900 meters per second.it is having a drainage area of 1,800,000 per square kilometer.it only facilitates China, it is also one of the biggest rivers by discharge volume.

Yangtze River
4. Mississippi-Missouri.

It is located in United States and a very few portion of the river enters Canada, it is the world’s fourth longest river but having a drainage area of 2,980,000 much more than Yangtze the third longest river, It origins in northern Minnesota for 2,340 miles to Mississippi River Delta in the Gulf of Mexico.It touches Minnesota, Lowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. And at the end it falls in Gulf of Mexico with an average flow of 16,200 cubic meter per second.

Mississippi-Missouri River

5. Yenisei.

It origins in Mongolia and passes through Siberia Russia with a heavy stream.it has the length of 3445 miles, it has most of its drainage area of 2,580,000 per square kilometer in Russia and is most famous of the main three rivers falling into the Arctic, it ends in Kara sea with the flow of average discharge 19,600 cubic meter per second.


6. Yellow River.

Yellow River is the world’s 6th longest river with the approximate length of 3,395 miles. The river origins in the Bayan Har in West China. The river flows through several provinces of China, and ends at Bohai Sea in Shandong province. The river basin has an area of about 1,180 miles and north-south area of about 680 miles. Its huge total basin area is estimated 742,442 square kilometers.it has a drainage area in China which is 745,000 square kilometers, and an average discharge of 2110 cubic meter per second.

Yellow River

7.  OB River.

World’s seventh longest river OB is in Russia Siberia, this river is having a length of approximately 3395 miles. It is one of the main rivers in Siberia. Having a massive drainage area of 2,990,000 square kilometers. The river provides a drainage basin to Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia.and the river ends at the gulf of OB with an average discharge of 12,800 cubic meter per second.

OB River

8. Parana River.

Parana is world’s eighth longest and south America’s second longest river.its length is 3,030 miles, except this it is also world’s biggest drainage area having river with a drainage area of 2,582,672 square kilometers.it has a drainage area in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay. It is having a average discharge of 18,000 cubic meter per second. The river ends at Rio de la plata.

Parana River

9. Congo River.

The World’s ninth longest river is also having a privilege of the World’s deepest river.Approximate length of the river is 2,920 miles. This river is also known as river Zaire. It is also having a big amount of discharge cubic meter per second which is 41,800. River is also having a world’s second biggest rain-forest along it. It has a drainage area in Congo, Angola, Cameroon, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda, which is 3,680,000 kilometer square.it discharges in Atlantic Ocean with an average flow of 41,800 cubic meter per second.

Congo River
10. Amur River

Amur River is the world’s tenth longest river. River is 2,763 miles in length. River origins in Western Manchuria by the combination of two main rivers, Shilka River and Eugene River, River is at the height of 994 ft. It flows at the border between Russia and China, for about 250 miles, many small streams joining the river at its path, at it entertains much population over there. It has a drainage basin at Russia, China, Mongolia. And has a drainage area of 1,855,000 square kilometers. It ends at the sea of Okhotsk with an average discharge of 11,400 cubic meters per second.

Amur River

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