London attack: Five dead including the attacker and 40 injured

London attack: Five dead including the attacker and 40 injured


London: The terrorist attack near the house of parliament  has killed 5 people including the attacker himself and 40 people have been injured according to the police.

On Wednesday evening an attacker drove a car over people walking on the pavement near Westminster and then he ran towards the doors of the palace of Westminster. He stabbed a police officer with a knife who was standing at the door.

The attacker was killed by the police but four people including a police officer had already lost their lives in the attack.

The president of France Francois Hollande shared his condolences with the prime minister of Britain and said that terrorism is affecting all of us and France understands the pain of the British people.

French authorities had earlier confirmed that the injured also included at least three French children, according to the foreign minister of France these children were in London on a school trip. Two of these children are in serious condition.

U.S president Donald Trump had praised the British security forces in one of his messages.

Germany had faced a similar attack last year when a suicide attack was carried out by a truck which killed 84 people. German chancellor Angela Merkel said that her country is standing firm with Britain and its people in the fight against terrorism.

The Australian prime minister said in a message after the London incident that this was an attack on the parliament, democracy and freedom of the whole world.

The foreign ministry of Russia also released a statement that said: “We do not divide terrorism in groups or types, we consider it a complete evil. Our hearts are with the people of Britain.”

According to eyewitness accounts after stabbing the first police officer the attacker moved towards the other waving his knife but the second police officer shot and killed him. The police has said that they are considering this case as a terrorist attack until they find evidence that can prove otherwise.

Scotland Yard has confirmed that a police officer and the attacker were also among the people who died in the incident. The spokesperson for prime minister Theresa Maye has said that the prime minister will preside over an emergency cabinet meeting today.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London has also said that unless contrary evidence is found this incident will be treated as a terrorist attack. He said that he has talked with the police commissioner and investigation is underway. He also shared his condolences with the family of the victims.

According to the Transport of London the Westminster underground railway station had been closed at the request of the police, however, it was opened later.

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