At least 60 killed in car bomb blast in border town of Syria

At least 60 killed in car bomb blast in border town of Syria

A car bomb blast in a border town of Syria has killed at least 60 people and wounded many others near the Turkish borders.

The town named Azaz is under the control of rebels and the blast occurred almost 7 km away from the Turkish frontier outside, the attacker targeted the crowd outside a courthouse in the town.

According to the Dogan news agency of Turkey has reported that Islamic State was responsible for planting the car bomb. However, Islamic State has not yet claimed the responsibility.

This blast has occurred during a ceasefire negotiated by Turkey and Russia and has been observed overall despite a some violations.

At least six rebels have died in the blast while the rest were civilians according to the activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The town of Azaz has been struck by Islamic State constantly since 2013.

The Turkish media has reported that some of the wounded people were taken to a hospital in the Turkish town of Kilis due to the short distance from the town of Azaz which is a stronghold for the Free Syrian Army.

Azaz is also home to thousands of displaced people from all around Syria including Aleppo.

The rebel headquarters was previously attacked in  November with a car bomb attack killing 25 people as a result and in October 17 people were killed at a checkpoint in a similar attack.

Peace talks pushed by Iran, Turkey and Russia are going to be held later this month in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

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