At Least 25 Dead In Bangladesh Factory Fire

At Least 25 Dead In Bangladesh Factory Fire


Dhaka: A factory in the city of Tongi in Bangladesh caught fire when one of the boilers exploded killing at least 25 people and injuring many more.


According to the police at the time of explosion the four storey building had more than 100 workers present. The fire injured dozens of people whereas the flames quickly engulfed the building.


The fire spread due to the chemicals which were stored on the ground floor of the building, according to Tahmidul Islam of the industrial police unit, “What we have heard is that there were chemicals stored on the ground floor. As a result, the fire took no time to spread.”


The fire is still out of control and rescue workers have said that more deaths are feared.


Parvez Mian, a doctor at a local hospital told news agency AFP, “The death toll has risen to 15 and at least 70 people have been injured. Most of them had burn injuries. We sent the critically injured victims to the hospitals in Dhaka,”

Do note that such fire accidents happen frequently in Bangladesh and most of the times the reason is low quality safety measures.

Last year a factory fire in the capital city of Dhaka killed 13 people and in 2013 a building named Rana Plaza in the suburbs of Dhaka was destroyed killing 1,135 people whereas in 2012 another factory fire killed 112 workers.

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