The largest Supermoon In Six Decades Will Grace The Night Skies On November 14

The largest Supermoon In Six Decades Will Grace The Night Skies On November 14


On Monday evening the moon will be at its nearest point to earth, it will appear to be bigger than the normal moon, this phenomenon is known as “supermoon” and it comes after every 18 years. This point is known as the perigee while the furthest point is called an apogee.

In the past, supermoons were related with good and bad luck but it has nothing do with it, what actually happens is that the moon not only naturally comes to closest point to Earth but it is also a full or a near full moon.

According to experts the supermoon will occur between the night of 14 and 15 November, this supermoon will be 14% larger in size than the farthest micromoon and it will also be 30% more brighter.

The last time the moon came this close the earth was on January 26, 1948, almost 68 years ago, but the next supermoon which will come on November 25, 2034 is expected to be even more larger than this one as the distance between the moon and the earth will be even shorter.

Why Does Supermoon Occur?

We all know that the moon is revolving around the earth, but it’s orbit is not completely circular instead it is oval or egg shaped. That is why the average distance of moon from earth is calculated at 384,500 kilometers, but due to the oval orbit the farthest distance it can be from Earth is calculated at 405,504 kilometers.

This farthest point of the moon is known as the apogee, on the opposite side the smallest distance of Moon from earth is measured at 363,396 kilometers, this point is known as the perigee. The distance of the moon when it is on perigee is reduced by 42,108 kilometers as compared to when it’s at apogee.

Since it is also a new Moon at the point of perigee it looks much larger in size than usual.

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