Largest Aquariums In The World

Largest Aquariums In The World

The ocean hides a vast array of species and environments underneath its waves, but only a few people are able see the amazing marine world underwater since scuba diving not only requires time and skill, it is also very expensive. Not everyone in the world has the time or the resources to go scuba diving.


However, there is an alternate, you can watch marine life by standing across a mirror wall in one of the many large aquariums across the world. Here is a list of the largest aquariums in the world today.

10. Aquarium of Genoa – Italy

The Aquarium of Genoa was built in the expo center which was prepared for the international exhibition, from that point this aquarium has been a point of interest for everyone. It is located near the old seaport of the city and it has 70 holding tanks.


The central tank has the capacity to hold almost 3.7 million litres of water, the aquarium has a collection of over six thousand marine animals from different parts of the ocean. The animals include dolphins, sharks, seals, manta rays and many more.


9. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium – China

Opened in the year 2,00 the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is located in the heavily populated city of Shanghai, China. The aquarium features a 155 meter long tunnel which allows the visitors to see the marine life from really close. This is the largest tunnel to watch, observer and study marine life in any aquarium in the world.


The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is divided into nine different parts based on geography, the aquarium has a collection of more than 15,000 different fish and animals belonging to 300 different species, these include zebra sharks, catfish, moon jellyfish, chinese alligators, chinese dragon fish and more.


8. Ushaka Marine World – South Africa

The Ushaka Marine World is a theme park located in the famous coastal city of Durban, South Africa, it is the largest aquarium in South Africa. The aquarium has 32 water tanks and the central tank holds 3.8 million litres of water. The aquarium is built out of 5 old ships and it also features a cafe and restaurant.


The aquarium features a central restaurant named “Cargo Hold” where visitors can eat food while watching the marine life all around them. The aquarium also has a gallery for extremely dangerous creatures featuring carnivores fishes, alligators and numerous poisonous creatures.


7. Monterey Bay Aquarium – USA


This aquarium is located in the small county of Monterey and it was opened in 1984, the aquarium can hold almost 4.5 million litres of water. A main feature of the aquarium is the acrylic screen which is the largest in the world, visitors can watch sea otters, large octopuses, great white sharks and sea horses from the other side of the screen.


There are a total of 100 holding tanks, the most important tank is the algae tank and it is named “Ocean Age Wing”. This tank is 28 feet tall and it has a whole algae forest growing inside it, there are also more than 90 different plants in the jungle.


6. Turkuazoo – Turkey


Located in the famous shopping mall “The Forum” Turkuazoo is the first aquarium built in Turkey and its central tank holds 5 million litres of water. The aquarium was opened in 2009 and it is divided into three parts which showcase marine life from three distinct marine environments.


The aquarium also features an 83 meter long glass tunnel from where visitors can watch more than 10,000 different marine animals. The aquarium features dangerous creatures like tiger sharks and stingrays. The Turkuazoo is also called the “Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium”.


5. L’Oceanografic – Spain


This Spanish museum stands out from conventional aquariums because it features numerous types of oceanic shrubs, seagrass, mangroves and sea plants along with different types of fishes and sea creatures. The main tank of the aquarium is filled with 7 million litres of water.


The aquarium has a diverse collection of marine life which includes different species of seabirds, penguins, otters, rare tortoises, jellyfish, tiger sharks, beluga whales and others. The aquarium is a part of the “city of Art and Science” in Valencia, Spain.


4. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium – Japan


The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is a part of the Japanese Ocean Expo Park and it was opened in the year 2,002. The central tank of the aquarium is called “Kuroshio Sea” and it has the capacity to hold 7.5 million litres of water. At the time of its inauguration this this tank was the largest aquarium tank in the world.


The aquarium has 77 large holding tanks which can hold upto 10 million litres of water, these tanks feature marine animals like whales, manta rays and sharks. This is the only aquarium in the world where manta rays have been able to reproduce in captivity.


3. Dubai Mall Aquarium – Dubai

The Dubai Mall is considered one of the largest shopping malls in the world, it is part of the Burj Dubai Complex, in the middle of the mall the engineers and builders of the mall have constructed the world’s third largest aquarium. The central tank of Dubai Mall Aquarium holds 10 million litres of water.


The aquarium has a collection of over 34,000 different types of marine animals including more than 400 tiger sharks. The aquarium also features special cages for divers, visitors can enter these cages and go underwater to have an even more closer look at the marine life.


2. Georgia Aquarium – USA

The Georgia Aquarium is considered as the largest aquarium in the world in regards to its capacity to hold water in its central tank. The central tank of Georgia Aquarium is called “Ocean Voyager” and it can hold 24.4 million litres of water and houses over 100,000 different marine and aquatic animals.


The Georgia aquarium is the only aquarium outside Asia which has whales, sharks and the strange looking manta rays. There is also a 100 foot long tunnel underneath the main tank, apart from sharks and manta rays the aquarium also has 11 foot long beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins, penguins and otters.


1. Marine Life Park –  Singapore

The Marine Life Park is located on the island of Sentosa in the north of Singapore, it is spread across an area of 24-acres. The main part of the aquarium is called the “S.E.A Aquarium”, this aquarium has the capacity to hold 40.5 million liters of water.


The aquarium has a collection of over a 100,000 different animals belonging from 800 different species. Most of these animals are held in the main tank called “Open Ocean” which holds 10.8 million litres of water. The marine animals are held in ten different departments.

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