Lahore, Pakistan: blast kills 6 including 4 soldiers, and 18 injured

Lahore, Pakistan: blast kills 6 including 4 soldiers, and 18 injured

Pakistani Taliban already took responsibility of this suicide attack over army officials in Lahore on Wednesday morning, which killed at least six, including four army officers, who were engaged in census under process in Pakistan, intense blast also left 18 wounded with serious injuries in this suicide bombing attack.

Spokesman of Punjab government Malik Ahmed Khan said the blast targeted a vehicle that was deployed over census process in Pakistan, which was carrying army officials, when this blast hits it killed four soldiers inside the vehicle, and two civilians as well.

As Pakistan is already facing a complete era of such suicide attacks for a long time, which killed a large number of innocent civilians, especially before the operation against terrorism held by the current Nawaz Sharif government, which cleared a massive amount of terrorism from the country, meanwhile still there are such force who never wish to leave it as a peaceful region.

As media coverage shows the site of today’s blast, police took control of the area which is near the elite police training school that was also attacked by Talibans in year 2009.

Targeted soldiers were deployed over census held in Pakistan after around 19 years, army is providing support to make the census process more authentic.

Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan where the census is under process, this city was already over a high security alert, as last month another blast in Lahore killed 13 people.

Muhammad Khurasani, a spokesman for Tehreek-e- Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which is also linked with Pakistani Taliban, issued a statement claiming the responsibility of today’s Lahore blast.

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