Lack of Snowfall to Affect Many Countries Around The World

Lack of Snowfall to Affect Many Countries Around The World


Experts from America, Sweden and Holland studied four hundred and twenty rivers and their basins that form after snowfall. Due to the changing pattern of snowfall among thirty two of these places 1.5 billion people will face extreme shortage of water for drinking and agriculture, because their water supply replenishment depends on the specific pattern of snowfall. These places are facing a shortage of snowfall, and increased humidity of snow turns into rain which can cause extreme water shortage, because ice reserves are the only guarantee of fresh water supply.

The main author of the  report and Columbia University’s weather expert Justin Mccanon stated that the prediction of lack of snowfall is accordance with global warming. These places also include the Indus which irrigates Pakistan, India and China, and experts have warned these countries to be prepared.

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