Kyrgyzstan plane crash: Turkish cargo Boeing 747 crashed on a village killing dozens

Kyrgyzstan plane crash: Turkish cargo Boeing 747 crashed on a village killing dozens

Bishkek: A Turkish plane crashed near the Manas airport has killing 37 people including the crew as the plane crashed on some houses almost 25km away from the capital city of Bishkek, according to officials.

The Boeing 747 cargo plane took off from Hong Kong and it was scheduled to land at the Manas Airport but it crashed on a village and destroyed 15 buildings and killed dozens of people including many children.


There was heavy fog at the airport at the time of landing and that could have been one of the reasons for the crash, however, nothing is confirmed yet and investigators are searching for the black boxes to find out the exact reason.

A spokesperson for the Kyrgyzstan emergency ministry Elira Sharipova warned that the number of victims is rapidly increasing and important officials including the prime minister, internal affairs minister are also present at the crash site along with fire and rescue services.

The airport administration has said that the Boeing 747 was scheduled to make a stop at the Manas International airport and then it was supposed to head to Turkey. Poor visibility seems to be the most probable reason as of now, but there are no confirm reports yet.

According to the health ministry of Kyrgyzstan the casualties include four pilots of the plane and at least six children from the village.


The state run Kabar Agency reported that the crash occurred at 7:18 a.m local time less than 2 kilometers away from the airport.

The total number of people on board the plane are also still not known, however, the cargo plane did had seating for at least 10 people.

Boeing has expressed its condolences and have offered assistance, a statement released by the company said:

“Boeing extends its deepest condolences to the families of those who perished in the Turkish Airlines cargo Flight TK6491 accident near Manas Airport Kyrgyzstan, operated by ACT Airlines, as well as its wishes for the recovery of those injured. A Boeing technical team stands ready to provide assistance at the request and under the direction of government investigating authorities.”

The plane belonged to ACT which operates a whole fleet of Boeing 747 jumbo jets. Many airlines have stopped using the 747 as a passenger plane, but it is still widely used in global freight flights.

However, this aircraft model has been involved in numerous crashes over the last few years including three major crashes in three consecutive years from 2010 to 2012.

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