Kids that play video games have better learning capabilities

Kids that play video games have better learning capabilities

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Melbourne: Normally parents and teachers think that playing video games is detrimental to their child’s mental development but according to the latest research playing video games improve the learning capabilities of children. The children also improve their skills in mathematics and science.


A team of experts lead by a professor of RIMT University of Melbourne conduct a research on the effects of playing videogames on children’s mental development.


The research shows that playing videogames daily improves their decision making power and memory which helps them in their education.


This study used the results of “Program for International Students Assessments” or PISA, this an international test of 15 year old kids which gathers information about their behaviour and habits and then assess their abilities in regards of reading, science and mathematics.


The tests conducted by PISA are published every three years.


According to this study 15 year old kids that play action games daily, their score in science is 17 points more than the international average score, whereas it is 15 points more in mathematics.


Why is this the case? According to experts, while playing action games the player has to make decisions quickly and then act upon them, they also have to memorise different levels and enemies in order to complete their objectives or to complete the game.


This helps in increasing their decision making power and memory which help in making calculations and memorising different lessons.


Whereas kids that play online puzzle games have better problem solving capability, in short all the factors that seem to interfere with the learning process and seem to have nothing to do with education can really be helpful to improve the learning and education of kids.


However, experts have warned that this study should not be considered as an excuse for violent games as such games can leave negative impressions on the mind.
They have recommended that teachers in classrooms should use games without violence and should based on sports.

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