Japanese man killed 19 and injured 25 others in a knife attack

Japanese man killed 19 and injured 25 others in a knife attack


Tokyo: A man armed with knives and other sharp tools killed 19 people and injured another 25 at a facility for disabled persons ni Sagamihara outside Tokyo, Japan.


Ten women and nine men were killed during the attack which is the deadliest mass killing attack after world war II.


The man who later turned himself in has been identified as Satoshi Uematsu, a former employee of the Tsuki Yamayrien facility Sagamihara, which is approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Tokyo.


According to the police the 26 year old Uematsu told them, “I did it, it is better that disabled people disappear.”


Uematsu forced his entry into the building by smashing a window with a hammer, it is still unclear what his motive was although some people are suggesting that he was angry because he was fired from the facility.


The injured were transferred to six different hospitals in Tokyo and 13 of them are in critical condition.


The facility is located in the bucolic mountain town and it houses 149 residents with ages ranging from 17 to 70. At the time of the attack there were only 9 persons including one security guard were present at the facility.


The killer had written a letter to the House of Representatives speaker suggesting that he is going to kill the disabled people in Tsukui Yamayuri En. He said in the letter, “I dream of a world where the disabled could die in peace,I  will carry out the plan without hurting the staffers, and I will turn myself in after I kill the disabled.”


Families of the residents of the facility flocked outside the building, a man told the media, “I called the facility and they said my son was hurt. But I can’t get in there and I have no idea what’s going on.”


Although Japan is a very peaceful country and strict gun laws that guns are not common in public, even then there are frequent incidents of mass murders involving knives.


A former janitor of the Ikeda elementary school in Osaka stabbed and killed eight children in June 2001.


In June 2008 a man killed 18 people by running them over with a truck and then stabbing the passing by people.

The member of the Japanese doomsday cult, Naoko Kikuchi, who attacked the Tokyo subway with nerve gas and killed 13 people was also arrested from Sagamihara.

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