Japan approved $43.6 billion military budget to counter North Korea and China

Japan approved $43.6 billion military budget to counter North Korea and China


Tokyo: The government of Japan has just approved a record breaking $43.6 billion military budget in order to counter the military power of North Korea and China.

Japan is planning to reinforce its presence in the East China Sea, it is also making preparations to improve its ballistic missile defense.

The increase in defense spending to a record level was approved by the government of prime minister Shinzo Abe. The military might of China and North Korea’s progress in its missile and nuclear program has created great concerns for Japan, large military budget will help Japan to counter other regional military powers.

The cabinet of Shinzo Abe approved a 1.4 percent increase in military spending on Thursday, the total military budget of Japan is now $43.6 billion or 5.13 trillion Japanese Yen.

It is very likely that this increase will also be approved by lawmakers as the parliament is controlled by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party making it the fifth consecutive annual increase in outlays.

The defence forces of Japan have shifted their attention from the northern border to the South China Sea in order to reinforce the 1,400 km long island chain.

Now the Japanese military is focusing more on a more mobile force equipped with ships, amphibious vehicles, mobile missile batteries and tilt-rotor Osprey carriers.

In order to counter the constant advancements in North Korea’s nuclear program Japan has decided to invest in the upgrading of its own ballistic missile defence system.

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