ISIS burned two Turkish soldiers alive

ISIS burned two Turkish soldiers alive


The international extremist organisation ISIS has burned alive two Turkish soldiers who were taken hostage in the Syrian city Aleppo, the video of this brutal incident was released on social media.

According to the Al Arabiya news network the terrorist group ISIS has burned two Turkish soldiers alive in Syria, they also video taped the inhuman activity and shared this 19 minute long video and other images of this incident on social media.

It can be judge from the background in the video that both Turkish soldiers were killed in a desert area, their legs were bound by flammable ropes. A member of ISIS then burned them alive with a flammable material.

The man burning these soldiers alive can be seen very clearly in the video.

ISIS has released a statement claiming that both Turkish soldiers were captured during Turkey’s operation against the organisation in Syria.

Last month the Turkish army did confirmed that they had lost contact with at least two of their soldiers who went missing during the operation.

This is not the first time that ISIS has used such brutal and inhumane tactics to strike fear in the hearts of their opponents. In August of 2017 ISIS burned alive at least 52 people in the city of Kirkuk in Iraq. These people were accused of enticing the people of Kirkuk to leave the city.

The group had also burned a Jordanian fighter pilot in 2014 whose plane went down in Syria and he got captured by ISIS.

Just a few days before Turkey had lost at least 16 soldiers in a fight against ISIS in Syria, the Turkish soldiers were killed in a series of three car suicide bomb attacks around the town of Al-Bab in Syria.

Turkey started the Operation Euphrates Shield in August against ISIS in Syria and uptil now at least 38 Turkish soldiers have been killed in the fight.

The president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said on Thursday: “Yes, maybe we will have to lay martyrs to rest. But we are determined to preserve their memory and protect what they left us and continue the struggle.

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