Iranian pilgrims will participate in Hajj this year: Saudi Arabia

Iranian pilgrims will participate in Hajj this year: Saudi Arabia

Riadh: Iranian pilgrims will attend the annual ceremony of Hajj this year as the government of Saudi Arabia has announced after both countries have agreed on a meeting.

According to a Saudi news agency the Saudi minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Muhammad Saleh bin Taher Benten had a meeting with a delegation from Iran. In this meeting they discussed and negotiated about Iranian pilgrims who want to perform the Hajj, after the meeting it was announced that Iranian pilgrims will take part in the Hajj this year.

The news agency also reported that the government of Saudi Arabia has allowed 60,000 Iranian citizens to perform Hajj this year, whereas necessary preparations have already been made for the performance of rites of Hajj in 2017.

Last year Saudi Arabia had said that Iran has made unacceptable demands and that is why both countries failed to come to an agreement about the administration of Hajj. On the other hand Iranian minister had said that Saudi Arabia was solely responsible for all the mismanagement during Hajj.

Keep in mind that diplomatic relations between both the countries were suspended when Saudi Arabia executed a Shia scholar named Sheikh Al Nimr and in response protesters in Iran burned the Saudi Arabian consulate. Both countries had called their ambassadors back.

In 2015 an accident during Hajj killed almost 2,400 people including 464 Iranians, the government of Iran was extremely critical of the mismanagement and blamed the Saudi authorities. Iran also suggested that the control of the Holy sites should be given to the Muslim world collectively rather than to Saudi Arabia alone.

The situation in Yemen is also a matter of dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia as both countries support opposing factions, this is another major reason which kept these countries to come to an agreement regarding security and logistic matters. No one from Iran performed Hajj last year due to these disputes.

Hajj is one of the five main pillars of Islam and it is mandatory for every capable Muslim to perform at least once in their lives. Nearly two million Muslims from around the world performed Hajj last year and same numbers are expected this year.

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