iPhone 7 Launch Is Expected Today

iPhone 7 Launch Is Expected Today


Washington: The US technology company Apple is holding an event in San Francisco on Wednesday and it is expected that the new iPhone 7 will be launched in this event.


iPhone 7 is getting launched at a time when its biggest rival Samsung has recalled its lated Note 7 smartphones due to overheating and battery problems.


The new features offered in the iPhone 7 have been under discussion for a long time.


Many people are expecting that the new iPhone 7 will not feature a headphone jack forcing the people to buy bluetooth headphones or headphones that can be connected from the charging port of the smartphone.


However, according to reports Apple is not going to completely remove the audio jack feature and chances are Apple will provide an adapter for the audio jack.


The updates offered in the new iPhone 7 have failed to stir much enthusiasm in the consumer world as they do not offer much change than before.


Rumors are that the smartphone has nothing new to offer only a slightly better versions of the features already available in the previous models.


The most obvious upgrade is expected in iPhone 7’s camera which will provide even better results than before. The iPhone 7 is also believed to be completely water resistant and will continue to work even after being submerged for 30 minutes.


Other changes include better memory, changing the touch sensor of home button and better speakers for audio.


It is expected that the new iPhone 7 will be offered in two different sizes just like its predecessor with the names of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.
Although there will be no major design changes but it will be offered in more colors than usual, even the black iPhone is expected to make its return.

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