Indonesia: Fatwa by Islamic women clerics, bans child marriage

Indonesia: Fatwa by Islamic women clerics, bans child marriage

Female Islamic clerics in Indonesia have declared a series of fatwas, including the one to control the rising percentage of child marriage, which set a rare example of declaring an Islamic law in a Muslim majority country.

In Indonesia several female clerics has announced a Fatwa that extends the minimum age limit required for a marriage in the country. This is not compulsory to follow by law, meanwhile this decision could leave an effective impact over the Indonesian society involved in such acts.

This fatwa was declared after a conference of three days. This council demanded the minimum age allowed for female marriage should be turned from 16 to 18 years.

Indonesia is a Muslim majority country, which is having the largest number of early child marriage cases, United Nations report revealed that 1 out of 4 girl got married below the age of 18 in Indonesia.

This was the first conference of it’s kind, as this was the female conference held at the Java island in Serbon. Several Fatwas are announced in Indonesia, normally by the Indonesian Ulema council, which is the highest Islamic law authority, it is having all male members.

One of the female clerics stated to media groups that “ we are aware of the women issues, and we can take action against such acts, nor waiting for the government officials to establish a law for saving child from early marriages.”

Female clerics referred several research reports, that explains the drawbacks of such marriages, as women suffering could not even complete their education, and in majority cases of early marriages divorces happens.

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