Indian trader arrested after introducing cheapest smartphone.

Indian trader arrested after introducing cheapest smartphone.

Several people complained regarding the fraud done by Mohit Goyal, India, Zila Ghaziabad, police arrested the head of the company in the case of fraud, which introduced the cheapest smartphone.

Mohit Goyal was arrested after the report by a distributor of the, company’s cheapest phone, it was reported that company received cash and the consignment of the promised smartphones was not delivered, Uttar Pradesh police confirmed the arrest of Mohit Goyal, and said that several other complaints against this company were registered, from all over the state, police will investigate all the allegations against him.

“Freedom 251” smartphone was believed the cheapest smartphone, its price was 251 Rs only, it was first presented in February 2016 for sale, company is now facing several complains of not providing the consignments against the received cash by the Mohit’s company the “Ringing bells.”

The company announced, selling of the world’s cheapest smartphone, that cost just 251 Rs. police said that it is much necessary to investigate such crimes, in order to protect people’s money, he told that regarding technology much scams had been caught, police also appealed the public to make sure the authenticity of the product they are going to invest in, because the scammer may could try some other products as well.

After the launch of the Freedom 251, company claimed that around 700 million people registered for the purchase of this cheap phone, company started booking purchase orders over its website and promised to deliver the phones till June 2016, but it failed to do so. After which ringing bell extended the time till november 216, saying that it will be able to provide 0.2 million phones to its customers, but it again not happened.

In the beginning of the claim by ringing bells, one of the member of parliament of Bharatiya Janata Party already alarmed the public, that this is a big scam.

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