My Husband Is A Decent Man: Melania Trump

My Husband Is A Decent Man: Melania Trump


Washington: Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump has defended her husband and declared him a “gentleman”, she said the women accusing him of sexual harassment are liars.

She said the obscene comments made by Donald Trump are unacceptable, however these comments do not represent his husband.

Melania said Trump made boys like comments but he was provoked by the host of the TV show Billy Bush.

Dozens of Republican leaders have withdrawn their endorsement of Donald Trump after the release of the video.

Many women have come forward after the release of the video who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, however Donald Trump has denied all the accusations.

Melania Trump said in an interview that she knows her husband respects women, but he is defending himself because he knows all the accusations are just lies.

She said she trusts her husband, he has a soft heart and is a gentleman and he will never do something like that.

She claimed that this scandal has been raised by Hillary Clinton with the help of the media to defame Donald Trump and to disrupt his election campaign.

She asked whether the media ever tried to check the backgrounds of these women.

Melania has spoken about and defended his husband’s attitude towards women for the first time since the scandal and said her husband has never harassed any one ever, instead she said women used to give him their number in front of him.

Regarding the released tapes of Access Hollywood she said, “I told my husband that this type of language is not suitable and is unacceptable. I was surprised because this is not the person that I know of.”

Only three weeks are left in the US presidential elections and public opinion polls are suggesting that Hillary Clinton has a clear lead.

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