How Do You Place Relational Gifts to Work with New Clients?

How Do You Place Relational Gifts to Work with New Clients?

The global economy is doing well, as we read in the news daily. For companies, it is more important than ever to grow and expand their sales territory. One of the ways to do that is by promoting your business to new potential customers. By distributing giveaways, you attract new people to your company. But how do you handle that well?

Interface with company and target group
To make the relationship or promotional gift efficient, you have to think carefully about which product you want to give away. It should have an interface with your company, but probably also with your target group. Therefore, first carefully research the values of your company and characteristics of your target group. This will help you choose a good giveaway soon.

Usefulness and attention value
It is also essential that you choose a product that the recipient really will use: when someone immediately throws away your gift or puts it in a drawer, your gift has a ‘low attention value,’ and your brand is not shown to the recipient very much. The more valuable the gift, the higher the chance that the recipient will use it and the more attention value you create. When choosing a product, pay attention to the usefulness for your target group.

Location and distribution
You should also include in your consideration where you are going to distribute the promotional gift. This also consists of a practical part: can you easily hand out the gift? Can you give it to others quickly and easily and can those people also easily take it with you from the moment they have dealt with it?
Are you going to distribute promotional gifts on the street, for example, you would probably prefer smaller and more compact gifts; the chances are that people will be able to accept it because not everyone has a (large) bag with them at that moment. Ideally, your gift also fits in a trouser or coat pocket.
However, do you expect that you can best approach your target audience at a trade fair? The then chances are that people take a more extensive bag because they are calculated on information packages, gadgets and giveaways. The storage of business gifts is also a bit easier for you. Here you can easily prepare some larger promotional gifts to distribute.

Name, logo, and address
To make it clear to your potential customers who you are and where they can go, it is important that you have your company name, logo and preferably address printed on the promotional gift. This can be a physical address, for example, if you are a locally operating company (bakery, butchery, lunchroom, etc.), or a digital address to your website or webshop.
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Examples of popular promotional gifts
To bring you ideas, we have put a number of popular promotional gifts at a glance:

Pens: is still used by all kinds of companies in many industries, both B2B and B2C
Powerbank: a popular gift in the current digital era that is certainly appreciated by smartphone owners who are on the road
Notebook: suitable for B2B companies and students. Is often good and useful for a long time.
Lighter: suitable for catering and nightlife.
Bottle opener: suitable throughout the year for catering establishments, wine and beer producers, and so on. Fits all kinds of companies within the theme ‘festive the new year’ or ‘toast to …’
USB: is likely to appeal to pupils and students, but also to consumers and companies that use their computers several times a week.
(Eco) carrier bag: suitable for all types of B2C companies.

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