Hawaii has become the first state to sue revised travel ban

Hawaii has become the first state to sue revised travel ban


The US president Donald Trump’s revised travel ban has been challenged again as Hawaii becomes the first state to file a lawsuit against it, the state says travel ban will harm tourism, foreign students and the Muslim population.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in the federal court of Honolulu by the state attorney, Hawaii had also sued the first travel ban by Donald Trump.

Douglas Chin, the attorney general of Hawaii said: “There is the same blanket ban on entry for Muslim majority countries and the same sweeping shutdown of refugee admissions and lawless warren of exceptions and waivers.”

Donald Trump has signed a revised executive order banning citizens of six Muslim countries from travelling to United States, these countries include Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. New visas for citizens of these countries will also not be issued. However, people who already have visas or green cards are allowed to travel.

The complaint filed by the state of Hawaii said: ““Given that the new executive order began life as a ‘Muslim ban’, its implementation also means that the state will be forced to tolerate a policy that disfavours one religion and violates the establishment clauses of both the federal and state constitutions.”

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