A Guide to spend New Year’s Eve 2017 in New York City

A Guide to spend New Year’s Eve 2017 in New York City

You are planning to spend New Year’s Eve in New York but cannot decide on matters like where to eat? Which places to visit? Or where to find amazing new year parties? Worry no more because New York offers endless ways of celebrations including music concerts and parties.

Times Square is the heart of the New Year’s Eve 2017 celebrations in New York with the largest parties taking place here, we have provided a complete guide which includes the best eating spots, concerts and parties. Our guide also includes information about things that are free to do like the spectacular fireworks display on the New Year’s Eve in one of New York City’s parks.

Best Events of New Year’s Eve in New York City

Here is the list of few of the best New Year’s Eve 2017 events in New York City

1. Dances of the Vice

The venue of this upscale self-indulgent and exuberant party is the Grand Prospect Hall on the Brooklyn Avenue, the party features a delicious and sensual feast along with beautiful performances by spangled musicians, puppets and fire dancers in beautiful costumes. This party is a great way to end you year on a really high note and start the new year with a bang.

2. Knitting Factory NYE Party

This popular nightclubs in New York is famous for hosting amazing new year eve parties featuring electronic music and entertainment. This year the Knitting Factory is featuring a late night party with free Champagne with musical performances by Dj Juan MacLean, Savoir Adore, Paperwhite and many more.

3. BangOn! NYC New Year’s Eve

If normal parties and dinners are not your thing then the alternative scene of BangOn will surely impress you, silent disco, art cars, a rocket launch and numerous visual delights are features in one of their latest warehouse locations in New York. DJs Dimond Saints and Thomas Jack provide two stages of music which will get your senses overloaded for the rest of the next year.

4. New Year’s Eve at Output

If you are one of those people that just get started on midnight than the 22-hour long mind-melting and body breaking dance party at the Output where DJS Naveen G and John Digweed provide long sets of amazing electronic music.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Fireworks are a staple of New Year Eve’s celebration all across the world and in New York firework displays are featured at multiple locations.

1. Brooklyn Bridge

Guided tours of multiple groups are offered on the iconic landmark of New York City, Brooklyn Bridge. The tour contains information about the history of the bridge and then at midnight it is paused so that people can enjoy the spectacular fireworks. Tickets for these tours cost $60 for adults and $30 for children and the tours depart at 10:15 pm.

2. Times Square

Another popular spot for pyrotechnics display is the famous Times Square in New York City, for the best experience arrive earlier than 3pm and find a spot on the Broadway-Seventh Avenue and realise that you will have to stay put and there will be no food vendors or public restrooms.

3. Fireworks at Prospect Park

For a free and more restrained New Year’s Eve head to the Prospect Park with food and beverages and enjoy the amazing fireworks from the park slope. At around 11pm live music starts at the Grand Army Plaza and free servings of cups of hot cocoa. Fireworks start at midnight at Long Meadow, the best places to enjoy to display is inside the park on West Drive and Grand Army Plaza.

4. New York Road Runners midnight run

Another amazing and far more healthier way to celebrate New Year’s Eve is by joining the midnight run of the New York Road Runners, it features dancing and music and a countdown to midnight which ends in a gorgeous fireworks display.

Times Square Ball Drop

The ball drop ceremony in Times Square, New York has been continuing since December 1907 except during two years of the second world war. The ceremony involves dropping of a 141 feet all that descends from the rooftop of the One Time Square.

The giant crystal ball starts to descend at 11:59:00 pm through a specially designed flagpole and it takes only 60 seconds, the drop signals the coming of the next year. A great show of fireworks is displayed after the ball drop and numerous other festivities begin that continue for the rest of the night.

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