Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of The World

Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of The World

The world is full of mysterious events that have baffled humanity until these mysteries were resolved. But time and again we came across such mysterious and strange events that even the brightest minds and latest of technologies could not resolve those mysteries.

Here are — unsolved mysteries that are yet to be solved.

1. The Voynich Manuscript

This manuscript is named after the Polish-American antique bookstore owner Wilfred M. Voynich, who bought the manuscript in 1912. It is 240 page book and is extremely detailed in a language that is completely uncoded till this day. It depicts colorful diagrams of strange plants that do not seem to match with any known species, making it more difficult to decipher. Carbon dating show that it was written somewhere between 1404 and 1438 and the author of the book is still unknown

Many theories have been put forward to explain the manuscript, some think that it is a pharmacopeia while others think it is manuscript for alchemists. It also shows astronomical diagrams and diagrams of biological species unknown to earth, making some people believe that it may be written by aliens.


2. Kryptos

Situated in the building of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley Virginia, Kryptos is a sculpture made by American artist Jim Sanborn. It has always been surrounded by speculation as to what it means ever since it was erected in November 3, 1990. It has a total of four encoded messages three of which have already been decoded. The last message is still to be deciphered and it has become one of the most mysterious coded messages in the world and cryptanalysts around the world are trying their best to be the first to decode the last and final message of Kryptos.


3. Phaistos Disk

The Phaistos Disk is a fired clay disk discovered by Luigi Pernier, an Italian archeologist in 1908 in the Minoan palace of Phaistos situated in the Greek Island of Crete. It is believed to be made in the second millennium and it features symbols that represent an entire different form of hieroglyphics.

Numerous attempts have been made to decipher the disk but nobody has succeeded yet and it is believed that it is impossible to decipher without more examples of artifacts from the same era. The Phaistos Disk is still one of the most mysterious artifact ever found in an archeological site.


4. The Babushka Lady

A middle aged woman can be seen holding a video camera and taking photographs at the scene of Kennedy’s assassination, authorities tried to find out about her identity but could not succeed.


5. The Green Children Of Woolpit

Appearing normal in all other ways except their green colored skins, the green children of woolpit were a brother and a sister who in the twelfth century suddenly appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, United Kingdom. The Children refused to eat anything other than the pitch from bean pods, and spoke in an unrecognized language. With time they learned to speak english and told that they came from the land of saint Martin where the sun never rose above the horizon and that they were tending to their father’s herd when they saw white light and heard bells.

They lost the green color of their skins eventually but their are a lot of interesting theories about their origins. Some people think that they were the children of the underworld while others argue that they might be form a parallel universe and as in most cases the alien theory also prevails here.


6. The Zodiac Killings

During the late 60s and early 70s the area of northern california was terrorized by an unknown serial killer who called himself the Zodiac. He claimed to kill thirty seven people but only seven victims were confirmed two of whom survived the attack. The killer sent many taunting letters to law enforcement agencies and the local press. These letters included four cryptograms only one of which is deciphered.

Amature investigators and law enforcment agencies have come up with different suspects but no solid evidence has surfaced. The Zodiac killings are still unsolved to this day and the zodiac case is still open in many places where the crimes took place.


7. Cicada 3301

On four different occasions an enigmatic organization has posted a set of alternate reality games and puzzles in order to recruit the most intelligent people from around the world. The organization have been given the name Cicada 3301. These puzzles put great focus on data security, cryptography and steganography for the purpose of finding intelligent individuals.

The first clue was posted on the internet on January 04, 2012, the second on january 04, 2013 and the latest clue was posted on twitter on January 04, 2014. There was no clue posted in 2015. Many people have speculated that it is a recruitment tool for secret service agencies like the CIA, MI6 and NSA.


8. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list and is located in Wiltshire England. It is believed to be constructed from 3000 BC to 2000 BC by archeologists. Stonehenge is a ring of large standing stones and it is one of the most famous sites in the world.
Experts had different point of views about the purpose of its construction but evidences found in the Stonehenge Riverside Project in 2008 give indication that Stonehenge might be a burial ground from the beginning. The cremated remains of humans further add to the fact that it might be a burial ground of ancient humans.


9. The WOW Signal

In the summer of 1977, a volunteer working at Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) might have become the first human to receive the first intentional message from an alien world. Jerry Ehman was scanning radio signals from deep space when he noticed sudden spike in the measurements. He received a signal from near a star called Tau Sagittarii in the constellation of Sagittarius, which was loud and clear and lasted for seventy two seconds.

On the original printout of the signal Ehman wrote the world wow which gave the signal its name,”The WOW Signal”. All attempts to trace the signal have failed which has increased the mysterious nature of the signal.


10. Flight MH370

On March 08, 2015 the flight MH370 scheduled for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur disappeared without leaving any trace. The most disturbing thing is that the plane disappeared in clear weather and without leaving any distress signal before vanishing from the radar. The Boeing 777 remained vanished despite a massive search operation that swept the Indian Ocean.

No debris of the flight MH370 has been founded or surfaced on its own even after nine months of its disappearance. All 239 people on board the plane have been presumed dead. There are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the incident but no definitive proof has yet surfaced.


11. The Taos Hum

In New Mexico there is a small town called Taos and there is a certain buzz that can be heard in this town from time to time. People have compared the sound of the buzz to a distant running diesel generator.

The strange thing is that the sound is audible by naked year but the attempts to record the sound through various audio devices have failed. Upto this day no one exactly knows where this sound is coming from and how its is being created.


12. The Overtoun Bridge

There is a bridge in Scotland called the Overtoun Bridge which is famous for a real disturbing reason. Numerous dogs have been seen jumping from the bridge to their death. These jumps have been long attributed to the dogs committing suicide but scientist claim that it is due to a strong smell of mink that comes from the area. The fact that only the long nosed dog breeds were affected by the bridge also indicate that the suicide might not be the case. But there is still no clear proof that the dogs are jumping because of the irresistible smell of mink or they are just committing suicide.


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