“Grand Scam” An Upcoming Documentary

“Grand Scam” An Upcoming Documentary

Is the Federal Reserve a government agency? Do Federal Reserve notes, what people commonly refer to as the dollar, have the value the public is led to believe? What are the reasons for allowing the Federal Reserve to print fiat currency for the U.S.? Do we need to tax revenue to operate the government? These are some of the questions ordinary Americans might not be able to answer, as the truth is often blurred. This is why the creators of “Grand Scam” have decided to create an exposé on the income tax using a populist medium like film.

“Grand Scam” is director Lee Librado’s new documentary which reveals several controversial facts about the government. These facts, mostly unknown, will doubtlessly shock and surprise most of the population. It is a ground breaking documentary with a no-holds barred mission to shed light on the Federal income tax.

The film is about the collusion between big business, big media, and big government & what the filmmakers believe is the biggest financial crime committed against the American people. This is no conspiracy theory; it is simply the truth long hidden from those that need to hear it.


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