Google is Working on RCS the New Competitor of Whatsapp and iMessage

Google is Working on RCS the New Competitor of Whatsapp and iMessage


San Francisco: Google is going to launch a new instant messenger application on Android phones which would be the biggest competitor of Whatsapp, Viber, iMessage and other smartphone messengers.

On Monday morning Google announced that they are working on a uniform messaging system for all android devices. The new projects shortly known as RCS (Rich Communication Services) is going to launch shortly in this year. Last year Google has acquired Jibe Mobile a team of android developer for work on RCS.

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Users can create Groups, Voice Chat, Group Chat, High Definition photo sharing,In Group Video conversation (not sure about free service, it may be paid). Almost all other I’M facilities are available in Rich Communication Services. Most of the mobile networks in the world are going to accept the RCS and some of them already deployed RCS in their system to merge messaging services.

Initially GSMA (GSM Association) a community who represent more than 800 GSM operators around the world is going to adopt this recent technology from Google. “RCS continues to experience organic growth around the world, with 47 operators in 34 countries having launched services to date. However, this initiative will greatly simplify and accelerate adoption of the technology, and points to the future of how mobile users will communicate with one another. This is an incredibly positive development for the industry,”

GSMA is also going to launch a massive promotion for the newly developed Google’s messaging service on their networks of Android phones.

On the other hand Apple is not going to adopt this technology as they denied Google’s request to include their newest and most advanced instant messaging services in their operating systems. Vice president of communications products at Google Nick Fox consider those efforts regarding the best and no limit communication system among the Android users.

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