Google Has Introduced Operating System The “Android 7 Nougat

Google Has Introduced Operating System The “Android 7 Nougat


Silicon Valley: Google has just launched their latest mobile operating system called the “Android 7 Nougat” offering features that have not been offered by any other mobile operating system.


Android Nougat 7 is specifically build for Google Nexus and tablets, it is so advanced that it is not compatible with most of the modern mobiles.


Google has high expectation for this operating system in the future hoping that it will take over the android market as more smartphone companies start to use this operating system.


Google has introduce the following features in Nougat,

1. Split Screen Feature


This split screen multitasking feature is not available on any other operating system but Nougat has this feature as a standard application enabling the user to view two apps at the same time.

2. Quicker Replies


The Android 7.0 Nougat will offer a feature which will let the user reply to a text message or email directly from the notification tray. The need to launch the application in order to reply will be removed, instead you will tap the reply button and it will expand into a text box.

3. More Emojis


Nougat will also introduce a set of 72 new emojis for its consumers and it features emoticons depicting the faces of different animals. According to Google discussions have been going on with the unicode consortium to add new emoticons but it will take some time.

4. Better Notifications


This operating system will provide a more sleek and cleaner look which will make it easier to read notifications, it will also offer more customization options. Users can select if they want the notifications to be silent and they can even block notifications.

5. Efficient Battery

Google has improved their previous version of the Doze feature which puts the phone on sleep mode when the phone is lying on a desk or table. Now it will put the phone on sleep mode even when the phone is not moving enhancing the battery life of the phone.



6. Improved App Switching

This feature will allow the user to access the two most recently used apps by just double tapping the recent apps button. This shortcut will remove the need to navigate back to the home screen and increase the speed of switching apps.

7. Clear All


Google will feature a new “all clear” button which will clear all the apps running on the phone at the same time. Although it will not help in saving battery life but will help some apps to start.


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