Google Has Introduced A New Smartphone To Compete With iPhone 7

Google Has Introduced A New Smartphone To Compete With iPhone 7


San Francisco: The internet search engine giant, Google has officially introduced its first Android smartphone as a competitor against Apple iPhone 7, the smartphone is named “Pixel”.


Google has released two models, Pixel and Pixel XL which are differentiated by size and screen resolution.


Pixel has a 5 inch display screen with 1080p resolution, whereas Pixel XL has a screen of 5.5 inches. Both of these phones are built by the company HTC mobiles but according to Google the smartphones are designed by Google itself.


Both Pixel phones feature an 821 snapdragon processor and support Google’s Day Dream Virtual Reality Platform which Google had already announced.


Pixel is the world’s first smartphone featuring Google Assistant which enables voice commands.


Pixel and Pixel XL both feature a 12.3 megapixel rear camera, each pixel of the camera is 1.55 micron and Google has claimed that it is the only camera in the world which has the least amount of catcher time.


The camera also has a gyroscope for making smoother videos, the gyroscope improves the stability of the camera.


Another main feature of these smartphones is Cloud storage which gives the ability to store unlimited amounts of photos and videos.


The phones can run for 7 hours with just 15 minutes of charging and 24 hour support is being offered with the help of Pixel software.


Pixel and Pixel XL have 3,450 mah and 2,770 mah batteries respectively, other features include a 4GB RAM, 4.2 bluetooth and 32GB and 128GB of storage.


The day dream VR headset costs $80 and can be used with Google Pixel, the smartphones are available in three different colours.

With different configurations the smartphones are available in the range of $717 to $832.

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