Google Earth VR now gives you a Virtual Reality Experience

Google Earth VR now gives you a Virtual Reality Experience


Google Earth VR is one of the most mind blowing experiences that you could have so far in VR, due to many different reasons. It gives you a whole new perspective of the Earth. Astronauts experience can be felt at your screen “The Overview Effect.”

It allows you to navigate around the Globe seeing the natural landmarks wherever in the planet Earth. Unseen parts of the Earth could be virtually seen as real existence.

You can also build common ground with other people and your contacts by sharing geographic stories that are happening at different geographic locations, this is the most up to date whole new real virtual overview, social VR experience than ever before.

In this amazing update of Google Earth, the VR optimized version is going to take you to the highest peaks of virtual reality, famous places around the world in different cities those you haven’t visited before. And we’re not talking about simply standing in front of the required location, the experience will be like you’re flying all around the world over your visited places.

Google Earth VR is initially launching on HTC Vive latest headset, and you’ll find it free on the store. Price of the headset stands at $799/£689/€899 seems to be high, Google Earth VR is also a solid another reason to get it into HTC Vive headset. it looks like you control your movement inside the experience using the HTC Vive controller helps you in movements while having a experience over visited places and take you to some other places as well.

The experience is beyond looking and viewing, simply one of the most powerful VR experiences you had ever seen. This is how “super man” takes a tour of the planet in science fiction movies, but this is the real existing places in real life. If you have an HTC Vive you should download and try the app right now to get this wonderful experience.

HTC Vive is required for the experience but this would be extended to other stores and devices which could also use such experience through Google Earth VR the next level of the social VR next year.

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