Global March for Science on Earth Day reveals Trump’s policies

Global March for Science on Earth Day reveals Trump’s policies

Tens of thousands of people turned out in cities across the United States and beyond on Saturday for Earth Day events as a “celebration of science” to counter the US government policies and funding, for evidence-based knowledge in Washington.

All over the world thousands of scientists along the public joined to participate in these rallies, managed for a core issue, protestors claimed that this conspiracy of US government is a fight against the facts, and they are protesting against the political involvement in evidence based science.

These protests were managed on Earth Day, and its purpose was to spread awareness regarding the preventions to avoid environmental pollution.

Protesters said another reason of these rallies was to celebrate science, and to defend the science community as well. Main rally was held in Washington DC.

Protestors said that these rallies are not against Trump, meanwhile his administration made such situation.

In this protest the environmental changes, pollution and medication issues has been discussed, this idea came from the recent Women March.

US president Donald Trump previously regarding environmental pollution stated it as a rumor, which made public suspicious about evidences of science.

In London scientists carried out a rally in Parliament square, they claimed that politicians are rejecting the science researches, which is not a healthy symbol.

Main reason of these rallies was to provide awareness regarding Science to wards public, experts revealed that scientist failed to convey their message to general public, these should also involve in politics to send their awareness message more efficiently.

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