German migrant crisis: Massive drop seen in new asylum seekers

German migrant crisis: Massive drop seen in new asylum seekers

Berlin: The German government has said that the number of asylum seekers has seen a drop of more than 600,000 as this year only 280,000 asylum seekers have applied.

The reason of the decline in asylum applications is due to the fact that the migrant deal between Turkey and European Union and the Balkan route has been closed in 2016, according to the interior minister of Germany.

Thomas de Maiziere, the interior minister of Germany said: “”This shows that the measures that the federal government and the EU have taken are taking hold. We’ve been successful in managing and controlling the process of migration.”

In fact in 2016 the total number of applications for asylum were more than that of 2015, according to the interior minister there were an estimated of 745,545 applicants. But, a large number of these applications were submitted by people who came to Germany the previous year.

After the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel announced an open-door asylum policy for a temporary period of time Germany saw a record influx of almost 890,000 refugees and migrants who had travelled through the Balkans and Greece.

Although Angela Merkel’s intent was to facilitate the Syrian immigrants by suspending European Union rules in the first EU state they entered, but people of other nationalities also came to Germany in large numbers.

Elections are scheduled in August in Germany and migration has become a hot issue for politicians before the election, Angela Merkel has agreed that many holes were left in the migrant crisis and it there were better ways to handle this issue.

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