French Prime Minister Says State Of Emergency Could Be Extended Till Elections At The First Anniversary Of Paris Attacks

French Prime Minister Says State Of Emergency Could Be Extended Till Elections At The First Anniversary Of Paris Attacks


Paris: It is most likely that the state of emergency in France could be extended as the government is still facing terrorist threats, it was announced by the French prime minister Manuel Valls on the anniversary of the Paris attacks, these attacks had claimed the lives of 130 people.

The president of France, Francois Hollande and the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo will visit all the six sites of the attacks to commemorate the victims by unveiling plaques dedicated to them. They will start from State de France and end their visit at the Bataclan concert hall.

The French prime minister said during an interview at the BBC show “Hard Talk”, he said, “It is difficult today to end the state of emergency. Especially since we are going to begin a presidential campaign in a few weeks with meetings, with public gatherings. So we must also protect our democracy.”

After the horrific attack in Nice in summer which killed 84 people, the National Assembly decided to extend the emergency for six more months, the state of emergency was declared by the President of France initially after the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015.

Although the state of emergency gives the government extra powers to put people under house arrest and to perform searches, it has been found out in an official inquiry that when it comes to security the state of emergency has “limited impact.”

France is preparing for the elections in April or May and the prime minister has suggested that the government should keep the extra powers until the elections so that the security could be maintained.

He said during the interview, “This state of the emergency device allows us to make arrests, administrative checks which are effective…so yes, we are probably going to live a few months more with this state of emergency.”

He further said, “That is to say some individuals who are driven directly by the internet, by social networks, by the Islamic State group, without having to go to Syria or Iraq.”

President Francois Hollande has been declared as the most popular president in the history of France, he has not yet announced if he will be participating in the next election or not, according to political experts the far-right leader, Marine Le Pen could be a potentially strong candidate in the coming elections.

She has criticised both the president and prime minister of France of failing to resolve the issue of immigration directly links with national security according to her.

Regarding her criticism, prime minister Manuel Valls said, “When a country is attacked it is understandable that people ask questions. But my responsibility is not to follow option polls. We passed two anti-terrorism laws. The far-right voted against them.”

However, Marine Le Pen has said that Donald Trump’s victory in the United States have increased the chances of her winning the next presidential elections of France.

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