French election, ‘Obama for president.’

French election, ‘Obama for president.’

An online petition demanding the former U.S president Barack Obama to participate in the French president in the coming French elections 2017, which was supported by the 42000 people.

This petition posters having the 2008 election campaign logo of “yes we can” written in French language, which were observed near Paris.

People behind this prank petition claimed that the purpose of this is to highlight the fact that French people lack the inspirational candidates in the coming 2017 election of France.

Meanwhile Barack Obama is ineligible for the upcoming French elections, as he is not a French national.

Supporters of the petition said that “Hey guys, you really don’t make us dream.”

France will have its election on 23 April 2017, if the candidates not getting more than the 50 percent votes, than the leading candidates of the first session will again fight over French presidency on 7th May.

Website responsible for the online petition of Obama, explained that, “It’s still possible to vote for a president and not against a candidate.”

A hidden identity behind the petition said, “We think we can do something else than the extreme,” and added that the petition is not against any individual targeted candidate.  

“We are anti-political, we are not against any candidate in particular, but we are not a big fan of any of them. This campaign is, a way to say ‘Guys, eh wake up, you are uncool, and this campaign is uncool – we’d rather have Obama’.”

“They are very annoyed, people take it all too seriously,” he added that “If that’s what amuses them,” and, “We want this to stay on the joke level”, petition organisers revealed.

French media strongly condemning the fake petition and saying that it a failed joke, by the organisers.

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