French Election: newcomer Emmanuel Macron competing Le Pen to become youngest president

French Election: newcomer Emmanuel Macron competing Le Pen to become youngest president

Emmanuel Macron has gone through to the second round of the French election, where he will has a tough competition with far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

Moderate ideology person Emmanuel Macron is a former banker, till yet he was considered newcomer in politics, he participated in this presidential election without a back of any strong holding party.

As he is the leading candidate of the first round of this election, now he is belived as the most possible president of France if he could beat Marine Le Pen in the second round as well.

Since last six decades of France elections this situation never happened that none of the right wing nor the left wing party candidates could reach the second round of presidential elections.

French media reported that Marine Le Pen got a 21.7 percent of votes, meanwhile the young leader Macron  got a highest 23.7 percent of votes in this election, total turnover this time seems much high as it was a 79 percent.

The closest competitors of centre-right party, François Fillon and hard-left party, Jean-Luc Mélenchon,were dropped from this fight by their 19 percent voting of each candidate.

Now the situation will change for Macron, as in the second round he will get support of other Le Pen opposition parties to block her win in this election to become the next president of France.

If 39 years old, Emmanuel Macron will win this election he would become the youngest president of France.

After his astonishing success in the first round of election, he addressed saying public that hope fully after two weeks he will be the President of French people, he added that he wishes to become a President of every French.

More than 50 percent of turnover is necessary for the winning candidate, otherwise election reaches the second stage over which the last stage two leading candidates fight for the final winner.

This election is much important for the French as this time four candidates were predicted much close to become a president of France.

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