France: Massive Fire destroyed Refugee Camp Dozens Injured

France: Massive Fire destroyed Refugee Camp Dozens Injured

A huge fire burned the refugee camp in northern France late Monday, this brutal fire completely destroyed the camp, by which dozens of residents injured, it also caused a shelter less situation for hundreds of migrants.

A huge number of migrants along kids became homeless after the fire disaster they faced.

Perfect of the Nord region (Burkina Faso) of France, on Tuesday said, “I went there this morning, and I can say the whole camp is burned down.”


She added, “It all started with a fight between the Afghans and the Kurds. They argued about their territory and their personal space. They wanted to control their territory.”

The affected camp was in “Jungle” at Calais,  the spokesperson said, “Following the closure of the Calais camp, the Afghans were sent here, which displeased some of the other refugees,”

“In the Grande-Synthe camp, there are about 1,500 refugees, whereas there’s space for about 800 of them, so it creates tensions.”

Out of these 1500 affected around 500 has been shifted to other spot, meanwhile rest of 900 still seems shelterless after the furious fire in their ex camp.

Reuters has reported that five people had been hurt as a result of the blaze and five injured in scuffles and a knife fight that preceded the fire.

One migrant was knocked over by a car on a highway outside the camp and was in a critical condition.

Riot police and 59 firefighters intervened to tackle the unrest and the flames.

Prefect of the Nord region, Michel Lalande stated to media, “no one is able to explain how these events could have happened.

“There is nothing left but a heap of ashes,” he added.

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