France Election: Le Pen’s father criticised her as she stepped back from National Front leader

France Election: Le Pen’s father criticised her as she stepped back from National Front leader

Marine Le Pen

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has announced that she is stepping aside as leader of her National Front (FN) party. For this decision of Le Pen her father criticised her.

She took this decision after entering the second round of Presidential election, where she will be facing a competition with the new comer and highest poll winner of first round, centrist Emmanuel Macron.

In the first round Macron got a 24 percent votes, meanwhile Le Pen got a less 21.3 percent of votes the second highest, which brought her to the second round.

According to the current predictions centrist Emmanuel Macron is believed to win this election, but Le Pen also claimed that she can win this election and she will win this election, Le Pen said, “We can win, we will win.”’

Mr Macron, 39, is a newcomer to the politics, he is a former banker, another interesting reality of Macron is that he married to her school teacher, and if he wins would become France’s youngest-ever president.

The French term Le Pen used points that her decision to leave Presidency of the FN party in the second round of French election is a temporary one.

Le Pen told to the France 2 reporters that France is going to have a “decisive moment.”

“Profound Conviction” of Le Pen saying that the French President should unite all groups of a county, such thoughts of her came after the Macron’s statement to become the president of every French, after two weeks, he said, after winning the first round.

Such statement generation of Le Pen seems to attract the Republicans’ François Fillon voters towards her in the second round to compete Macron. Mr Fillon told party leaders that he “no longer had the legitimacy,” he added that he would become “an ordinary activist like any other”

“So, this evening, I am no longer the president of the National Front. I am the candidate for the French presidency,” Le Pen said.

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