Four US states sue Donald Trump’s administration over travel ban

Four US states sue Donald Trump’s administration over travel ban

Washington: Four US states are suing the Donald Trump’s administration over the ‘un-American’ travel ban imposed on 7 Muslim majority countries.

Washington was the first state to challenge the executive orders in the court and Virginia, Massachusetts and New York have also joined on Tuesday. The ban has caused tremendous confusion and chaos at airports all across the country. Even people with valid immigration and travel documents were detained or deported.

The lawsuit was initially filed by the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation and on Tuesday New York also joined the federal lawsuit. The attorney general of New York state, Eric Schneiderman called the ban “unlawful, unconstitutional and fundamentally un-American”.

Two Yemeni brothers were put and sent back from Dulles airport on Saturday even though they had residency green cards. Due to the ban they were not allowed to enter the United States and join their family in Michigan. After this incident the State of Virginia also became a plaintiff in the federal lawsuit that demands the restoration of immigrants rights.

The controversial travel ban by US president Donald Trump has caused huge protests not just in the US but all around the world too.

However, the White House administration is backing its decision, chief of homeland security, John Kelly, said that the travel on seven countries is essential for the safety of United States. He also accepted the fact that there are complications when it comes to the implementation of the ban.

More than 1,000 officials of US foreign office have signed an opposing note against Donald Trump’s executive order, the acting attorney general Sally Yates was sacked on Tuesday for not complying with the orders.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has promoted Colorado’s appellate Judge Neil Gorschek and appointed him as the supreme court judge. Donald Trump said that he has fulfilled his promise of selecting the best judge in the country.

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