Former Pakistan army chief Raheel Sharif to lead Saudi-led alliance

Former Pakistan army chief Raheel Sharif to lead Saudi-led alliance


Pakistan’s retired army chief agreed to serve as the first commander of the “Muslim NATO”, which is a Muslim military alliance, specially the Sunni Muslim countries are included in the Saudi lead, the 39-nation Islamic military alliance.

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has confirmed saying that, “It has been decided in principle that Gen (retd) Raheel Sharif will go there “to Saudi Arabia” to lead the alliance,” he added “The formal process in this regard has yet to be completed, on Saturday.

He said, “It is only a matter of time before Gen Raheel leaves for Saudi Arabia to put in place a structure for the alliance,” minister said. “The alliance has no structure as of yet. Gen Raheel will adopt a framework once he arrives in the Kingdom.”

Senior official Lft. Gen Retd Nasir Janjua said, that the leadership of Raheel Sharif will be making Saudi relations with Iran a way better, meanwhile with all other included in the alliance, will bring Muslim countries together by clearing the misconceptions among these countries, he added, Muslims should be proud of Gen Rtd. Raheel Sharif to have such a solider as the leader of the Muslim alliance army.

As the whole world already knows the strategic performance of Raheel Sharif in a war against terrorism in Pakistan, which was named Operation “Zarb e Azab”, that was much successful one, he was considered as one of the best army chief in the history of Pakistan.

Pakistani defence analyst, Hasan Askari Rizvi seems suspicious regarding the policy and nature of Muslim countries alliance saying, “But there is a question of how far this force would be a non-partisan force,” he said. “At the moment it appears to be dominated by conservative Arab kingdoms so Iran, Iraq and Syria will not welcome it.”

He added, “Pakistani troops have been in Saudi Arabia since the mid-1960s but the guiding principle has always been that they would serve only within the territorial boundaries of Saudi Arabia. If you create a kind of force of so many countries then one day the Saudis might want it to go to Yemen or Syria.”


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