A Fighter jet crashed near Syria and Turkey border

A Fighter jet crashed near Syria and Turkey border


Turkey officials said that a Syrian fighter jet crashed near the Turkey Syria border, the crashed fighter jet was over a mission in the area, when its connection with air base disconnected.

Turkish prime minister Bin Ali Yildirim said that this was a mag 23 fighter jet, forces are in search of the crashed jet’s pilot, who was ejected before the crash.

The militant troop Ahrar Al Sham already fighting against the Syrian armies has released a video, of targeting a fighter plane, Ahmad KarAli the spokesman of this extremist group, which is fighting against the Syrian establishment, in an interview told that the Syrian army fighter jet was on a air strike bombing mission in North Syria, meanwhile the militant forces halted the bombing, fighter jet, he further added that the fighter jet crash in Hatay province, near Samandag city.

Governor of the Hatay province revealed that soon after the crash rescue teams reached the spot, but these could not find the pilot of this crashed fighter jet till yet.

Prime minister of Turkey Yaldaram said that the core reason of the unlucky crash is not still clear, but is might be due to the unfavourable weather. Turkey is the supporting country to the extremist group Ahrar Al Sham in Syria, but it is all the way fighting against the Dolat e Islamia and Kurdish militants inside the conflicted areas.

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