Facebook, Microsoft,Google and Twitter decided to take action Against Hate Material

Facebook, Microsoft,Google and Twitter decided to take action Against Hate Material


USA: Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter have decide to remove the hate material from social media under the European Commission’s code of conduct, any kind of hate material will be removed under 24 hours of its report.


The four biggest companies of the world Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter have decided to crackdown every type of hate material. Now any such material will be removed after a 24 hour long analysis, this step is taken considering the currently increasing activities of terrorists on social media.


Terrorist organisations are using social media to cloud the minds of young generation and these organisations also use social media for propaganda  and recruiting. The EU has been making an effort to fight extremist propaganda and counter the online presence of groups like ISIS.


In a statement the EU commissioner for justice, consumers and genders equality said, “The recent terror attacks have reminded us of the urgent need to address illegal online hate speech.”


She further said, “Social media is unfortunately one of the tools that terrorist groups use to radicalize young people and to spread violence and hatred.”


People also post hate material to humiliate each other or to settle personal grudges. Although posting hate material is a common activity, now these companies have promised to remove such posts within 24 hours.


The code of conduct has been facing criticism from groups like European digital rights (EDRi) and Access Now who think that civil organizations were not included in the negotiations and companies will be doing the job of law enforcement agencies.


In a joint statement they said,”In short, the ‘code of conduct’ downgrades the law to a second-class status, behind the ‘leading role’ of private companies that are being asked to arbitrarily implement their terms of service,” the joint statement reads. “This process, established outside an accountable democratic framework, exploits unclear liability rules for companies. It also creates serious risks for freedom of expression as legal but controversial content may well be deleted as a result of this voluntary and unaccountable take down mechanism.”
The two largest social media platforms Twitter and Facebook are taking some additional precautions which involves using AI to identify and remove hate material from the internet. This system will be able to identify controversial posts like posts including vulgarity and weapons.

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