Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg questioned over virtual-reality technology

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg questioned over virtual-reality technology

California: The founder of social media giant Facebook was questioned in a trial in a federal court in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday over how Oculus Rift acquired its ideas and how much Mark Zuckerberg knew of this business at the time of its purchase.

Facebook has bought Oculus Rift for a hefty $2 billion.

The founder of Facebook was accused by a rival company of stealing the virtual-reality technology which is now being used in the Oculus Rift, however, Mark Zuckerberg denied these charges in the court.

ZeniMax Media Inc, a videogame publishing company had brought a civil lawsuit against Oculus in 2014 when the deal with Facebook was still underway. A jury is hearing evidence and examining ZeniMax’s claims that Oculus stole technology from them and used it to develop their virtual reality system including the Rift headset.

Zuckerberg at one moment got into a heated argument with one of the lawyers of ZeniMax, he said that at the time of the Facebook-Oculus deal the virtual-reality technology was still being worked on and was not fully completed.

Tony Sammi, the lawyer for ZaniMax countered him by saying: “Improving on that technology doesn’t make it yours. If you steal my bike, paint it and put a bell on it, does that make it your bike?”

To this argument Mark Zuckerberg replied:”No. The idea that Oculus technology is based on someone else’s is just wrong.”

ZeniMax’s layer Sammi also asked Mark Zuckerberg whether he he had all the required information about Oculus before he acquired it. Initially Zuckerberg had said the deal was completed in just a week but in later testimony he said his company has performed an extensive research on Oculus prior to the deal.

The Facebook founder also told the court that more than $2 billion has been spent to acquire Oculus rift, he said that almost $700 million were spent just to retain the previous employees. Additional $300 million will be payed to Oculus after reaching the required milestones.

Originally Oculus had demanded $4 billion for the company.

Zuckerberg was wearing a suit and tie instead of his regular wardrobe of jeans and black T-shirt, he has said that virtual reality is an important factor for the future business of his company, because this technology will keep getting cheaper and widespread with the passage of time.

He also said: It’s pretty common when you announce a bid deal that people just come out of the woodwork and claim they own some part of the deal.”

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