Extraordinary man speaks 100 ancient languages

Extraordinary man speaks 100 ancient languages

Rome: Riccardo Bertoni belongs to a family of farmers in Italy but surprisingly he has mastered one hundred ancient languages.

The 86-year-old Riccardo Bertoni resides in a small Italian village of Caprara and was born in a family of farmers. The most surprising thing about Riccardo is that he has not learnt any of these languages from any school or teacher, he is self-taught.

He only attended school till the fifth grade and then left and the reason he told was that he hated mathematics. Even at the age of 86 he has problems in addition and subtraction but he is crazy about learning languages.

Riccardo said that he started by learning Russian and after that he learned Ukrainian by studying different books, he has also written books in multiple languages. He has written more than a thousand journals, translations and commentaries. He has even written about the correct pronunciation of different languages.

Other languages mastered by Riccardo include Eskimo, Persian, Yaqoot, Yukagir, Rotol, Etriskon, Baskio, Mangolian and others.

One other interesting fact about Riccardo is that he has never set his foot outside of Italy and he is completely ignorant of English.

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