Most Expensive and Secure Smartphone in The World by Sirin Labs

Most Expensive and Secure Smartphone in The World by Sirin Labs


London: With the strongest encryption system, fastest data transfer, 23.8 megapixel camera and quickly recharged battery, Sirin labs have introduced a smartphone with military grade security and its price has been set at $14,000.


This phone has some amazing features that make it not only the safest smartphone in the market but also the most expensive. Most of the high end smartphones available on the market use gimmicks like jewels and diamonds to make it more expensive whereas the Solarin is a simple android phone.


The company behind Solarin claims that their smartphone provides 100% security and privacy and it is impossible to hack their device or to listen to a conversation because it uses chip to chip encryption system that is currently used by the military.


Sirin Labs have presented this military grade smartphone in London. It has dual operating systems and a 5.5 inch screen. One of its operating systems is based on android for general social media applications and the other uses a 256 bit chip to chip encryption which cannot be hacked into, android apps cannot be run on this version. Even the android version is almost impossible to hack as it is secured by the company’s best security system.


This smartphone is equipped with a 810 snapdragon processor and it supports 24 bands of LTE enabling it to run high speed internet from almost all the networks of the world. It uses three time more speed than the average phone as it has 450mbps downlink and 150mbps uplink speed.


Solarin also has the fastest data transfer rate and it can transfer 4.6Gbps using wifi. To keep the sleek look of the phone a slimmer 4000 mAh battery with quick charging features is installed. For photos and videos the phone is equipped with a 23.8 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash.


This phone is specially designed for high profile individuals who want to keep their privacy at any cost while travelling around the world.

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