Ex President of the country, Asif Ali Zardari came back to Pakistan

Ex President of the country, Asif Ali Zardari came back to Pakistan


Joint Chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party, One of the ruling parties for many years in the country and ex president of the country Mr Asif Zardari after more than one and a half year came back to Pakistan from Dubai.

His plane landed at Karachi Airport where thousands of workers of his party received their leader by great honour. National anthems and performances has been done at his arrival.

Except this at other party spots celebrations are managed by the party leaders. Sacrifice of the goat had been given for the good luck of the Chairman, all the senior leaders of his party including the ex prime minister of his party Yousaf Raza Gillani welcomed Mr Asif Ali Zardari.

Due to the security threats party decided to hide the root of the chairman towards the bilawal house where soon after he will be meeting the party leaders.

The Chairman will meet the national assembly members on 24 Dec, and afterwards on 27 December he will be visiting the death anniversary of her wife and the ex prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto at Larkana where she is buried.

He said all the political actor should clear their minds that i ran away from the country, He said he is back now and will never let democracy to derail.

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