EURO 2016: British and Russian Fans Fight before and After the match

EURO 2016: British and Russian Fans Fight before and After the match

euro 2016 Russia vs England Fan Fight1

Paris: Russian and British fans started to fight with each other even before the match started in the French city of Marseilles and kept on fighting during and after the match injuring several of the spectators. Clashes between the police and football fans are still continuing.


There was a clash between the local public and British fans before the start of the event, but things turned to worse when the match between Russia and England was drawn by 1-1 turning the ground into a war zone.

euro 2016 Russia vs England Fan Fight2

The atmosphere of the ground was quite good five minutes before the match ended however after the match finished in a draw the Russian fans lighted fireworks and then attacked the British fans. The local administration had put blockades between the followers of both teams but they did not prove helpful at all as the Russian fans jumped over them and reached the British fans.


The administration seemed helpless during the clash, after watching the clashes on television the British government also became active. The British ambassador Jolene King said that we are in touch with the French government after the incident whereas many British citizens are being treated in the hospitals.

euro 2016 Russia vs England Fan Fight3

On the other hand the administration of Euro cup is of the point of view that the fiasco in the ground happened due to a small explosion. However every analyst has raised the question that if the reason was a small explosion then how did the explosive material came inside the stadium and where were the security guards when the fighting started.


It should be noted that the fighting in France started at midnight on Thursday, local youngsters and British football fans started to fight outside the Queen Victoria Bar near the old seaport.

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