Erdogan warned that Netherlands “will pay price” for the dispute, he also demanded sanction against Dutch

Erdogan warned that Netherlands “will pay price” for the dispute, he also demanded sanction against Dutch

After banning two of the Turkish minister for addressing in the country, the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan has warned the Dutch, saying that Netherlands will pay the price for the dispute with Turkey, and also threatens the country y demanding sanctions against the Netherlands.

Prime minister of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan said: “We will teach them international diplomacy.”

During an event he said that he will do the final decision after the coming results of the Dutch election that is expected on Wednesday, Turkish leader said that during the past week western countries had very clearly showed their real face, he told that he was thinking that the Naziisunm has gone from the Dutch but he said i was wrong, this still remain in the West he said.

Erdogan asked that what sort of the harshest behaviour is this that Dutch haven’t allowed over female minister not to enter with her diplomatic vehicle, inside the embassy of her own country, in Netherlands after the deportation of the Turkish minister from Netherlands, clash occurred between the turkish protestors and the Dutch police.

After the expel of Turkish minister from Netherlands, the Turkish prime minister BinAli Yildirim said that his country will definately fire back over the unacceptable behaviour of the Dutch.

Rotterdam police used water guns and horse rider police, to disperse the Turkish protestors, Turkish minister Fatima Batool Sa Yan kaya came Rotterdam for the favouring speech of the referendum, which will empower the Turkish president Erdogan.

Dutch government said that such rallies could lead complications before the coming Dutch elections. Officials haven’t allowed the turkish minister to enter the Turkish embassy, after which the protest started, after which the Dutch police in their custody took the Turkish minter towards the german border for deportation.

Meanwhile the Dutch prime minister Mark Rotana in a press briefing said that such statements by the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan are unacceptable.

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