Elon Musk Says He Plans To Send Humans To Space In Six Years

Elon Musk Says He Plans To Send Humans To Space In Six Years


California: Elon Musk have announced during the International Aeronautical Conference in Mexico that his company will build human settlements on Mars and the project will start in 2024.


He said in his speech that his company SpaceX have successfully tested the world’s most powerful engine called “Raptor”, this engine will use methane as a fuel.


Elon Musk is considered a crazy billionaire who is always trying to achieve the impossible. His company SpaceX objective is to make space travel possible for the common people, just like air travel has made travel easy for them.


He bought Tesla motor company in 2008 and he has been making self driving cars which does not require manual instructions, other than that he is also investing in improving artificial intelligence and bring it closer to human intelligence.


Elon Musk said the “Dragon Capsule” built by his company will land on Mars in 2018 and the first human flight to Mars will be sent in 2024. He claimed that the Raptor rocket built by SpaceX can produce a thrust of 680,000 pounds which is three times stronger than the previous most powerful engine the Falcon 9.


According to the plan a huge airship called the “Interplanetary Transport System” or ITS will be built which will transport humans to Mars and will also be able to carry 100 tons of cargo.


In the first step the ITS will be launched into the space, this will require 28,730,000 pounds of thrust, this will be provided by strapping 40 Raptors together.


In the second step the ITS will be refueled and the it will open its large solar panels which will create 200 kw of energy. Now it will use solar power and reach Mars in two to three months.


Humans will build the initial structures for the settlement and then they will return, the return trip will be a lot less expensive due the lightweight of the ITS.

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