Ebola Virus: Study finds vaccine provides complete protection

Ebola Virus: Study finds vaccine provides complete protection

Geneva: The World Health Organisation has confirmed that the Ebola virus vaccine has proved to be extraordinarily successful in large scale medical tests, this vaccine will be soon available to treat this dangerous and fatal disease in the affected areas.

According to medical research experts this vaccine was created by an international team, this vaccine was tested for one year on almost 6,000 healthy people in the Republic of Guinea in Africa, an area affected with the Ebola virus.

The report said that despite a strong outbreak of Ebola virus in Guinea the people who were given the vaccine remained safe from contracting the disease.

Although it takes a great deal of time to create vaccines for dangerous viruses like Ebola but the World Health Organisation has started the project named “Research and Development Blueprint” and it is doing research and testing of antiviruses on a very fast pace.

Two different antiviruses were being developed under this project to fight the Ebola virus, this is the first antivirus of the two that has been successful in all the tests.

The medical world is very happy and excited because most of the countries affected by Ebola virus are extremely poor, this was one of the reason why big pharmaceutical companies were not very much interested in creating a vaccine for it.

Keep in mind that this dangerous disease is prevalent in central and western Africa and it kills about 5,000 to 10,000 people every year, this virus is typically transferred to humans from monkeys, bats, spiders and bugs.

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