Donald Trump Criticizes The Government For Giving Medical Care To New York Suspect

Donald Trump Criticizes The Government For Giving Medical Care To New York Suspect

Donald J. Trump at Union League Philadelphia.

New York: The republican nominee for presidential elections Donald Trump has condemned the New York attacks and the fact that the government is providing medical and legal aid to the suspect.


The suspect taken into custody is Afghan descent US citizen Ahmad Khan Rahami, he has been charged with five cases of attempted murder.


Donald Trump said now we will admit him in a hospital and some of the best doctors will take care of him. It is a sad situation that he will be provided with a state of the art hospital room and he may also get room service.


However, his rival candidate Hillary Clinton has criticised Trump and said his course of action will only strengthen the terrorist groups.


She said, “The kinds of rhetoric and language that Mr Trump has used is giving aid and comfort to our adversaries. I am the  only candidate equipped with the experience of being part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield.”


The authorities had told media that the second blast was not a controlled blast by the government, instead it happened when the bomb defusing squad was trying to defuse the bomb with the help of a robot.


Do note that last weekend three blasts rocked New York and New Jersey, the blast in the Chelsea area of Manhattan injured at least 29 people all of whom have been discharged from the hospital.


The attack occurred on the weekend when the the restaurants and streets of Chelsea are full of people enjoying the weekend.


All the explosion devices were IEDs and were made using pressure cookers full of metallic pieces which act as shrapnel on explosion.

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